Glamyskin Hair Removal Laser


My first impression of this device was that it is so quiet you could do it in the loungeroom while you watch a movie with your family and not disturb anyone.

Tiffany Malone

I’ve beenusing this for 8 months and I can honestly say, it has significantly reducedhair on my body. The stragglers that grow back are finer. I’m using every monthnow for maintenance and even then, I am asking myself if I should stretch theduration between treatment. So easy, quick and convenient.

Rosalie Boone

Loved using the white diamond ipl ! i would highly recommand it

Geneva Watson

So, long story...basically I'm as hairy as a man, seriously, and had a full beard, mustache. I started laser treatments at our local hospital and did them religiously for about a year or so paying large amounts for each treatment. My daughter also has hair everywhere but more on her neck and chest area. She also started treatments at the hospital. The money was hurting badly but we loved the results. Then someone told us about their Silk'n machine and told me that she owned one and that it should maintain what we had started.....and upon research we saw that this one was new and that you never had to replace bulbs. This machine was the same cost as each of us going to the hospital only ONCE!!!!!....We started immediately and because we had already been going we started it on the highest setting and I use it once a week. It takes me like 3 minutes, doesn't hurt at all and keeps things under control.

Adam Johnson.

I have dark hair and light skin and the results have been amazing! I cant talk highly enough about this. Don't have to worry about those annoying hairs now while I am on holiday

Lina Ibrahim